The holidays are closing in

The long anticipated trips are finally getting closer and then you realize; there is still a lot of planning ahead. You still have to book hotels, buy equipment and properly plan your trip, if possible even buy your entry tickets to popular musea in advance to avoid endless queues at the ticket boot. At the same time you realize that most of these things actually should have been done weeks ago.

So, here we are 20 days before we leave to Rome, I still have one exam but I am already in full planning mode. Checklist printed and most of the books bought, I can hardly wait to embark on my new adventure.


The Colosseum in Rome (from a previous trip).

The first of July, my sister and I will be going to Italy and Greece. Starting in dazzling Rome with a 4 day marathon in order to admire as much monuments, museums and squares as possible.

Hereafter we carry on to Brindisi, from were we depart for Corfu, were our days will be packed with sightseeing, walking and of course a lot of water activities. Eventually our time will be over and we shall have to head home. But not without visiting Bari in Italy; what would be our last stop.

Thus, to stay posted of our adventures in Italy and Greece don’t forget to follow the blog. And in case you have any recommendations apart from the renowned tourist attractions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment; guidance is always appreciated.


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