Looking for Alaska

Next book on the stack; “Looking for Alaska” from John Green. John Green is a quite famous writer and I doubt that there aren’t many of you who don’t know him, or have at least heard of his books. In the extreme case, and you don’t read books, there are still the movie adaptations.

But okay, if you have been living under a rock the last couple of years and can’t connect his name to anything. He is the writer of “The Fault of Our Stars” and “Paper Towns”; two books that recently found their translation into the film world with great success.

This is not the first book I read from John Green and won’t be the last (since Paper Town is also on my TBR list). Previously I read “The Fault in our Stars” and “An Abundance of Catherine’s”, two books I absolutely loved.

John Green is a wizard at imbedding quotes into his works and making the underlying theme of his work clear without putting emphasis on those themes.He connects his books with life questions, such as the meaning of life. And his books have a significant and permanent impression on the world around you.

Up till know I absolutely adored John Greens stories and hope this opinion will hold stand while reading “Looking for Alaska”. John Green’s books, notwithstanding the serious topics, have always been quite funny and frivolous, however I get the feeling that now I am going to enter a quite darker side of his imagination.

What do you think about John Green? Do you agree with me or are you inclined to take another point of view? I am thrilled to hear your opinion.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Alaska”

  1. You should check out my review of Looking for Alaska and some of his other books, I have also written a post on John Green

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