I love Rome (1): exploring the city

We finally arrived in Rome, the old centre of the world. I have always been fascinated by Rome, being a big fan of ancient cultures. Therefore,  a trip to Rome is heaven on earth. I am running around like crazy just to see everything on my list. Which reminds be of a tourist guide mentioning torture still being actual today in the form of tourists crossing around all day, with blisters bigger than their feet.

We arrived in Rome yesterday around four o’clock and decided to instantly drop our luggage off and scout through the city. We passed by many of the famous monuments in our attempt to get accustomed to this beautiful place.

We started our tour at the Santa Maria Maggiore followed by the Colosseum, a brilliant piece of architecture. I find it hard to imagine all the little quirks installed in the building. The elevator system, the possibility to close the roof and most of all, the possibility to flood the place and reenact famous sea battle. Then, we passed the Forum Romanum and the Arco di Constantin.



Colloseum 1.jpg
The Colosseum
Arco de Constantin (2)
Arco di Constantin
Forum Romanom pillars.jpg
Forum Romanum






Afterwards we went to “Altara de la Patria”, a torn in the eye of the locals that is built on top of a huge part of the Forum Romanum.

We ended our tour with a quick peek at the Tiber and visiting the isle.

TIP: If you visit Rome in July take notice of the festivals and other activities organised by the city. Many monuments are transformed in theaters and on the Isle there is a literature and film festival.

After dinner, we decided to take some night pictures of some monuments. However, the lighting of these monuments proved disappointing, the Romans clearly can improve this aspect of the city.







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