I love Rome (4): the religious tour

I am sorry for the delay for this post due to a lack of internet, some really hectic days and serious trouble considering transport, I am only able to finally sit down and write this post today.

So here I go, a few days late but with reloaded batteries, typing about Rome from a nice rustic restaurant in Corfu. Yes, by now I am already in Corfu so my post will follow each other pretty quickly to make up for lost time 🙂 .

Our fourth day, we decided to go on the religious tour (and no, I am not religious at all). We got up early checked if our tickets were all right and sett off for the Vatican.

First we visited the St. Peter’s Basilisk since it is for free and we expected quite a line later in the day. Although it was only nine in the morning it was already pretty warm and we were happy to be in the shadows.

Having a prepaid ticket we could luckily skip the endless lines of people waiting for the Vatican Museum and we could only imagine how it must have felt for all those people, standing in a nonprogressing line, in the sun, melting away.

The Vatican museum was awesome. Seriously, there was too much to see. Not only did we have to pay attention to the exibit also to our environments. Sometimes when looking ful of awe at a statue you look towards the ceiling or the floor and discover that there as well a thrue masterpiece is hidden.

After several hours in the Museum, we finished our tour at Castel della Angelo. Previously the tumbe of a Roman Emperor, later rebuilt to a fortress with an escape path for the pope.


TIP: when visiting the Vatican Museum buy tickets in advance. You may have to pay a bit more but this is totally worth it. We could enter in 10 minutes, while passing a line of 1 km of people waiting to get in.

TIP: the Etruskan area of the museum closes at noon. Do not skip it and don’t think I will have enough time lateron. This is where the stature of Remus and Romulos is located.

Tip: While going through the museum don’t forget to pry your eyes of the statues and art pieces for ones and take to admire the building itself. Take a look at the walls, the ceiling, the roof, … some of the most beautiful pieces of art can be found here.



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