I love Rome (5): I shall have to make choices

With our trip to Rome closing in we obviously have to make choices since we realize our itinerary isn’t realistic.

We only have half a day left and decide to spend our precious time, getting a rest in Villa Burguese. Villa Burguese is the biggest park in Rome and definitely worth a visit.

Upon entering the park, I was immediately in seventh heaven bumping into a statue of Lord Byron, with several pieces of Childe Harold engraved on the pedestal.

Venturing into the park we got into a green oasis, the sound of cars only a distant memory and music streams in your direction thanks to the street musicians. The ideal place to detoxicate from the busy city life.

Afterwards we got our backpacks and settled in the train to Taranto. This was a trip of 6 hours during which we saw the Italian landscape fly by. On problem however was the lack of information given in any other language than italian.

Arriving in Taranto, the troubles started however. We couldn’t find our bus and had to ask directions. Everybody directed us to the bus station, which we couldn’t find. We stopped an empty bus passing by and after trying to explain our problem to the driver he offered to drive us to the bus station. There, however, was no bus to Brindisi. We got back on the bus and the driver was so kind to bring us back to the train station, where by then there was the bus we where looking for. We finally could relax knowing we wouldn’t be stranded in Taranto in the middle of the night and we arrived safely in Brindisi.



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