Angels in America: a dystopia?

I really wouldn’t recommend reading “Angels in America”.  As I suspected the text is confusing. This confusion is caused by a lack of background and the introduction of scenes in which characters are supposed to speak over each other. During a play I suppose it makes sense but in a book there is a need of coherently portraying the chaos. A book consists of prose not of a list of characters saying things without any background and surroundings.

Furthermore, nothing good happens, what was to be expected from a topic as AIDS. All the characters are miserable in their life. Roy and Prior are sick, Louis wants to commit suicide, Joe is a closet homosexual who is afraid to out himself and his wife suffers from a depression and is addicted to Valium.

New York, and the whole of America isn’t off any better and at times is depicted as a dystopia. The characters live in a dysfunctional world full of suffer. America is presented as a disintegrated and corrupted society and the end is near. The millennium approaches and we don’t know what is going to come, seems to be suggested.

As for the angels. Believe seems to have gone out of the window and politics have taken its place. In the new world there is no place for religion or tradition. The only time an angel appears is towards the end but it is more probable that this angel is noting more than a mere illusion, a drug inspired apparition to a dying man.

In short, as a book I can’t say I would recommend it. The plot is confusing, since it is not the medium it is meant for and only negative things happen, there is no pivotal point, no scene in which things even go remotely better.


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