I don’t speak Italian: Brindisi

Due to some internet and computer problems, again I am late with my posts. And have decided on a different venue. From now on I will be posting when I get back from my holidays instead of trying to keep up while on holiday. Since writing a post takes up quite some time, better spend looking around. This having said, I can finally start rambling about Brindisi.

Our first day in Brindisi we immediately noticed that Brindisi isn’t touristic at all. It is an interesting city with several museums and sites but misses touristic organisation. There are only a few restaurants  and the nearest beach takes half an hour by bus. Our main problem in Brindisi however was a language problem. Since we don’t speak Italian and the locals do not speak English or any other languages communication proved to be hard.

Inquiring information about which bus to take or which monuments to visit proved quite a task but at least we managed and finally found an information point at the train station where we got a map with all the touristic sites.

Brindisi, although not very touristic, still has a few historical sites. The city’s significance dates back to the Roman Empire during which the city was connected to Rome by means of the Via Appia. Which remnants are still visible in Brindisi. Consequently, we also stumbled on a museum with quite some remains of this era, mainly discovered among the via Appia and through sea excavations. Save from Roman antiquities, you can discover quite some churches while roaming through the city.

As for some decent beaches. The best beach near Brindisi takes one hour by bus and the nearest still half an hour. The best venue would be to choose the furthest one, being the terminal of the busses. From there you can also wonder into the nature reserve, although we didn’t get there due to limited time, the locals claim that the beach there is better.


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