Cancelled boats ever so fun

After two days in Brindisi we got up early to catch out boat to Corfu. Our boat would leave at eleven ‘o clock and we had to be at the terminal at nine ‘o clock.

Arriving at the terminal however, we unfortunately were informed our boat was cancelled, without being informed in advance. The solution offered at the terminal was catching a boat to Igoumenitsa in the evening and thereafter continue our tour with a boat to Corfu. In accepting this option trouble didn’t end however. When we arrived in Igoumenitsa were we were supposed to immediately see the boat to Corfu since it would be the only one in the harbour and would have an hour to get on said boat.

Getting of the boat however there wasn’t a ship to be seen at all. Even more, that hour we were supposed to have appeared to be ten minutes, since going into Greece we had to adjust our clocks.

There we stood, no ship to be seen on an empty port with no one to ask for directions. When we finally encountered someone they just simply directed us out of the harbour.

Luckily we found or ship after walking 1 km in about 10 minutes only to be represented by the next problem. The people of the ship weren’t informed at all of our problem and wouldn’t let us on the boat unless we bought a ticket, which we didn’t want to do since we already bought tickets to Corfu.

In the end someone came and they decided to just let us on the ship. We don’t speak Greek but the impression we got is that the guy said “Just let them on the ship, they are desperate”.

About an hour later we finally arrived in Corfu, at five ‘o clock in the morning, ten hours behind on schedule and totally exhausted. Hoping this would be the last transport trouble to be had during our trip.


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