Holidays a blogging disaster

The holidays have proven to be a true blogging disaster and I have quite quickly discovered that blogging while travelling is quite exhausting and not my cup of tea.

Arriving back into the apartment or hotel room totally exhausted even shifting through the pictures is not exactly easy let alone writing a post and soon you give up and crawl into bed thinking “I’ll do that tomorrow”. The next that you wake up and end your way with the same mindset. At to this phenomenon a lack of internet connection and the result was clear my posts failed to appear.

Therefore, congratulations to all the people able to write posts during an holiday. Knowing I utterly failed to do so and realizing I’ll probably never become proficient in blogging on a holiday.

Being backhome I am going to start blogging regularly again, so stay tuned for more book reviews and more pictures and stories from my holidays XD.



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