Pictoresque Bari: again a lot of transport troubles

After two days in Kerkyra we set of to Bari and of course we didn’t reach it without our usual amount of transport troubles. Having a three hour delay before boarding didn’t immediately strike us as a big problem, since after our previous mishaps we were already happy it wasn’t cancelled. However, waking up in the morning with only two hours to go before we should reach Bari, I looked out of the widow and only saw land on the wrong side of the ship. We were still in Corfu!!!

And after trying to figure out what was the problem at the main desk (unfortunately they only spoke Italian) I still didn’t have a clue. At the end it appeared that during the entire night we just hadn’t moved due to the bad weather, nice to know. So, instead of arriving at Bari at 10.30 we got to sit on the ship for a few more hours and finally arrived at 17.00, long live transport.

But all things well, we arrived in Bari. I immediately fell in love with its historic centre. Its small alleys, the locals sitting on benches talking to their neighbours and the tiny squares were so cute. For dinner we didn’t get far though, since our bed and breakfast was next to a restaurant by the same owners but we didn’t regret our choice at all. At the recommendation of the waiter we got the starters menu, a collection of all kinds of appetizers made from local specialties. The food was awesome and it took us two hours just to finish our appetizers., complletely full, we then decided on leaving the main dish for another day and make an evening walk before falling asleep completely exhausted.

Tip: The restaurant we ate was called la uascezze and is definitely worth a try. However, if you wanna be certain of having a table be sure to make reservations. The restaurant is pretty popular and from the opening hour till closing time all tables are taken, there are even people waiting for a table on the street.

So, all things considered, except for our many transport troubles, we couldn’t have had a better holiday. And yes, even those troubles will stay in our minds as a funny memory, something to look back too.


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