Sao Miguel

Let me introduce Sao Miguel. Sao Miguel is one of the isles of the Azores, the volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean that belong to Portugal. It is a varied and magnificent island.

There is an abundance of vegetation covering the entire island. You really can look past the countless hydrangea covering the sides of the roads and the hills or the ferns as big as a palm tree. Unless, the fog catches up on you, this happens quite often, then you can’t see anything.


Tip: While planning, make sure to take the fog in account. On Açorescameras you get a life-feed from the area and doing so you can avoid the foggy patches.

San Miguel has something for everyone from water sports, to walking or just to relax In one of its numerous hot-springs.

This is lagoa do Fogo and not much farther we find the nearest hot springs. This location is just magical due to the warmth provided by the hotsprings we found ourselves at a waterfall in the middle of tropical vegetation.



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