Sao Miguel: Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada, the main city of the island is a lively city that offers more than one might think at first sight. There are several parks and gardens that are certainly worth a visit such as “Jardim Antonio Borges” and a walk through the city certainly isn’t a bad idea either.

For people interested in diving,. Açores Diving is certainly the spot. We went for the Open Water Diving Course and had a blast. The crew is really nice and helpful and our instructor Pedro was awesome. We will never forget our first wreck dive at “The Dory” or the view of the octopus on the sting ray and in the end of this course we could proudly call ourselves Open Water Divers.

Diving, however, isn’t necessary to see fish. In the bay in Sao Roque a cute village right next to Ponta Delgada you can see a ton of fishes while snorkelling.


Finally, we also went on a dolphin and whale tour and although we didn’t see any whales we saw several schools of dolphins and couldn’t have had a better time on the Moby Dick.

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