Terceira: enjoying nature

Terceira; like most of the Azorian Islands is very green and ideal for a nice walk. We followed one of the trails in the “Reserva Forestal” near one the old volcanoes: Pico de Gaspar . Along the trail we got magnificent views, changing environments and a trail that varied in difficulty as well. One moment you are walking around the meadows, the next you are walking in the woods or climbing on the rocky underground. And although it is quite steep we found that the detour to the top of the volcano was quite fulfilling as well. The crater itself may be a bit of a let-down, the panorama is certainly worth the climb.

The most beautiful spot on the island is definitely Algar do Carvao. This cave with its open crater is wonderful to see and certainly left an impression. But the “Gruta do Natal” is definitely worth the trip as well and a lot of fun. The tour is organized with a great deal of information about lava streams and tunnels.



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