1# New York, everything gets bigger except my luggage

This year I followed the course “New York in 21th Century Literature” at the University and naturally I could not wait to see all the places mentioned in our curriculum with my own eyes. However, in order to get there a ten hour flight and a six hour time difference had to be abridged first and we reached New York without any trouble (so we thought).

Once we saw my luggage we know something had gone wrong. My luggage was only held together by ribbons and half the size it was when we started off and soon we discovered that the only thing missing in my suitcase was a purple bag. The bad thing, that purple bag contained all my clothes for the next six months. Since we could not do much about the lost luggage we decided not to let it bring us down and enjoy the rest of our stay (now a week later I still don’t have my clothes).

The next day we got up bright and early, ready to set upon our adventure. We started with a stroll along 5th avenue enjoying the marvellous views along the road, from the green landscapes offered by central park to the skyscrapers on the other side of the road, the combination of the two offering a wonderful contrast.

DSC00855_newCentral Park_1_new


One of those places I could not wait to see was the MoMA, although I am not a fan of Modern Art, I really wanted to see Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and have to admit that the museum was not my cup of tea. Therefore,  my only interest lay in the fifth floor where paintings from Van Gogh, Dalí and Money could be found.


When stolling further down the avenue I found the Public Library, a place I can imagine myself to be entire days. The architecture is great and the decoration in the reading rooms is magical.

TIP: When visiting New York, I certainly recommend you take a peek inside the public library, the readingrooms are to die for.

Public Library_1_new

Next we took a boat trip along the monuments by Circle Lines. The guide was excellent and told us a lot about the history of New York and it’s monuments. Allowing us great views of the Manhattan Skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Three locations that were pretty high up my list. The Statue of Liberty represents New York to a certain extent, it is the first thing people saw arriving by boat, welcoming them to the new continent. The New York skylines aren’t any less famous and although, during my visit I only saw them during the day, I can clearly imagine the magnificent view the glow of the city must give at night.

TIP: When planning a visit to New York certainly take a look at the New York Adventure Pass and other combination passes. These tickets do not only provide discounts but also allow you to skip the lines since you already paid in advance.

We continued our tour be taking the highline in the direction of Soho. The highline, as it name suggest stretches out several meters above ground and consists of the old railroad. Nowadays this railroad is converted into a green path through the city with several idyllic relaxing zones and a great view of the city.

Dancing on the train_Jazz

To end up in Greenwich Village, which was a bit of a disappointment in my opinion. The name indicates a quite and rustique neighbourhood while in reality we entered an area with few restaurants and dense traffic. Totally exhausted from a long day of walking around we decided to go back to our hotel. Our street really reminded me of the brownstone in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (at least how I imagined it would look like).


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