2# New York, a panoramic view

Our second day we got up bright-and-early for another fun-filled day, with the Rockefeller center on our schedule early in the morning. Seeing Central Park from this height certainly offered a nice perspective. Rockefeller_fam_new

 Tip; when visiting the Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building, you are waiting in line longer than you are actually admiring the view even with pre-paid tickets. While, the view from Brooklyn bridge is just as spectacular, without the lines and the fees.

After the Rockefeller we went into the centre of Brooklyn for a guided Graffiti Tour concerning the Bushwick Collective. These pieces of art are definitely amazing and to think that they are a part of the ever-changing street view is a pity. None of these works are permanent and every year or two a new work will be put in that same place. But maybe that’s the point and therefore its transiency becomes a part of its charm.

We made our way back to Manhattan by crossing the Brooklyn bridge, which offered a view just as nice as the Rockefeller centre, minus the waiting and the costs. You get to see the city getting closer while walking across the bridge.

After having a quick look at Wall Street, we decided to grab a bite at China Town. China town actually proved to be hard to find due to our expectations regarding the neighbourhood. We expected a similar atmosphere and decorations as in London, however when being compared, the neighbourhood wasn’t exactly striking. With only a few lanterns indicating you are in the right neighbourhood.


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