2# Sun and sand in Culebra

My favourite part of Culebra are definitely its beaches. Flamenco Beach is its most famous beach being named the third best beach in the world according to Tripadvisor. However, there are more beaches and in my opinion some might even be more beautiful. So, here is a list of the beaches I visited in the last month.

  1. Flamenco Beach

Culebra’s renowned beach, Playa Flamenco is certainly a marvellous beach with its white sand, blue water and soft surf. The Beach is the ideal destination for families and taxi’s go back and forth constantly to drive tourists from the ferry dock towards the beach.

Flamenco_2 (3)_new

2. Tamarindo Beach

One of my favourite beaches is Tamarindo beach. The beach might be not as sandy and there are rocks and sea urchins in the water but that doesn’t matter because this is the ideal place to spot sea turtles and stingrays.

3. Melones Beach

When you are looking for nice coral, Melones Beach is the place to go, as long as the tourists from the cruise ships don’t trample these corals first. And make sure you take care of the corals yourself. Again, this might not be the most beautiful beach but the marine life makes up for it big time.

4. Punta Soldada

Punta Soldada one of the rockiest beaches in Culebra and definitely not one of my favourites. Make sure you bring some water  shoes when going to this beach, getting in can be a bit tricky.

Punta Soldada (3)_new

5. Carlos Rosario

This marvellous beach is pretty quite if you go there at the right times. Since getting to the beach involves a 20 min hike from Flamenco Beach, something most tourists are not willing to do.  The only busy moment on this beach is when the dive companies from the main land take their lunch breaks here.

6. Resaca Beach

Going to this beach is quite a hike but totally worth it. I underestimated it a bit based on the fact that normally people tend to exaggerate the difficulty of the hikes here. When they say, you can’t walk there it is way to far, it usually takes half an hour to walk there. Although the walk only took 30 minutes from the end of the road as well, the path is quite steep and if you are walking from the airport you have to cross the hill from both sides which easily brings the duration of the hike up to one and a half hour.

Resaca Beach_1 (2)_new

7. Brava Beach

Brava Beach is definitely one of my favourites again a beach that requires a bit of a hike but that makes arriving at the beach so much more better. After a 20 minute hike you arrive at this beautiful beach with no one around. The beach is nice and quite and there is quite a surf.

8. Zoni Beach

Zoni Beach is a turtle nesting ground, be careful when entering this beach. You won’t probably see the turtles since they don’t come ashore during the day most of the time and the beach is closed at night. However, the beach itself looks like it comes straight of a Pirate Movie. The white sands and the low hanging palm trees are just, magical.

9. Tortolas Beach

And lost but not least there is Tortolas Beach. You can reach Tortolas beach by turning around the corner at the left of Zoni Beach. The beach is quite small but charming. Again , an ideal place to come to rest.

Playa Tortolas_1 (2)_new

So, these is my pic on the beaches in Culebra. You’ve got another opinion or know about a beach I missed and should really visit, please don’t hesitate to comment.


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